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Forthcoming Events

Regimental Golf Spring Meeting


Please see attached, and can you send returns ASAP thank you

Albert Duffus



FRIDAY 12th FEBRUARY 2016 - 1900 for 1930


With the kind permission of the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Black Watch, 3 SCOTS the Amalgamation Dinner, will again be held in the Sergeants’ Mess at Fort George. Ian Cordiner, the RSM of The Highlanders, 4 SCOTS is our Main Guest and the RSM of the BW, 3 SCOTS and others from the Black Watch will also be invited as our Official Guests. The dress is Suit or Kilt/Trews.
To read more and book your seat at the dinner go to one of the  the links below

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Dear All,

The Amalgamation Dinner will be held in the White Hart Hotel Andover.

The dress is Suit or Kilt/Trews, no jeans.

To read more please go to the link below.

Yours Aye
Robbie Gow


Latest News for February2016

The 1st Battalion and the Wilkinson Sword of Peace.

 In 1983 the battalion was awarded with the Wilkinson Sword of Peace.
To read more go to the link below

Seoras McIntosh



Please find the attached letter drawing together some information from several sources regarding the Association's trip to the National Memorial Arboretum at the end of February.  I hope you find it useful.

Can individuals who are travelling independently (and not mentioned in the letter) please let me or Seoras know if you are attending, as we have to order sandwiches at the local British Legion following the ceremony

George Givens




 It is now four and a half months until the biggest Gathering yet of the Regimental Family of the Queen’s Own Highlanders (that is 131 sleeps!)

The latest list of attendees has now been posted on the Gathering website (go to and click on the Information tab for the list as at 29th January 2016). It shows that there are now 431 members of the family currently signed up – if you know of anyone not on the list, why not give them a call and find out if they know about the Gathering in June?

There appears however, to be about half a dozen folk who have paid by PayPal, but whose names do not appear on the list! Seoras has sent out proformas to this group but is still awaiting their return – if you are in this category please either send the info back to Seoras or give him a call on 07739746611.

Please note that the cut-off date for applications is the 9th May 2016 (the committee need this time to finalise catering, name badges, parking, security etc etc)

And finally – welcome on board our very latest overseas visitor – Hamish “Elvis” McConnachie, the Beach Bum from Alicante (his words, not mine!) Looking forward to seeing you at the Gathering, Hamish

George Givens
Gathering Committee



Update from son Mark:
Hi Bob, just another wee update on John. His recovery is going well, he's really pushed the physio and is on track to get home tomorrow. He's out of HDU and in ward 216 at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and would probably appreciate a quick visit if anyone can manage it before he's home tomorrow. I showed him all of the messages of support from the Blue Mafia and he was delighted, I think that really spurred him on with the physio! Please pass on my thanks to all for their support.




 Latest News for January2016


From son Mark: Just thought I'd give you an update on John. The bypass surgery has gone well and he's recovering slowly. He's still in a fair bit of pain and has had a few wee issues (fluid on the lungs and high blood pressure), which are normal for this kind of surgery. All in all, he's exceeding the consultants expectations and is well on track for a full recovery. One other small request, can you possibly pass on that visiting is restricted to family only at the moment. He's still in HDU and early in his recovery, so rest is key. Will inform you when it is ok to visit.
Yours aye,


In Hospital

Graham Brown (Bruno) is in Ward 5c Raigmore Hospital. Has had surgery to legs but don't have much info at the moment


John Sutherland

I went to visit John Sutherland this afternoon in ward 217 in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, he had his operation yesterday morning and is sitting up and dictating to all who come close. His wife and daughter are with him to make sure he stays where he is, he thinks he will be for about 2 weeks but is looking forward to going home. I will update you all on suds if there are any changes regards
George Fraser

John Sutherland update
John is doing well and hopes to get out soon but the medics don't agree with him. He may be moved out of H D U soon but within the same ward . He can now sit on his chair and hopes to get mobile soon. Regards
George Fraser


 Kilt Across The Artic

A adventure taken by the then Major
Seymour Munro (now Major General)
Taken from The Queen's Own Highlander 1982 Magazine.


CENOTAPH PARADE 2016 - time to get the ball rolling. This year, Remembrance Sunday will be on Sunday 13th November. Another big year with it being the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Anyone who would like to march this year, please either PM me on Facebook or send me an e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information -
E Mail adress
Mobile Phone Number
Where you stay

We should get a minimum of 48 tickets for this year’s parade, but I am going to apply for (and am hopeful of getting) 60 tickets from the RBL.

Please note, having marched or applied to march before does NOT mean that your name is on the list for this year, so please apply if you wish to march again or for the first time.

Please also note, last year 18 people who were selected to march had to pull out of our contingent for whatever reason, so it would be really good to have a strong reserve list of people wishing to march - if the last two years are anything to go by, there is a good chance that many people on this list will get the opportunity to march.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you shortly
Giles Nevill



Visited this afternoon with Jimmy Mutch.

Sandy Finnie
He is at home and looking much better than the last time I saw him. They have seen fit to drastically cut the number of pills he was taking everyday and this appears to have done the trick. Cheerfull as ever and him and Mutch revisited old times.

Vernon Nicoll
Vernon is also at home and looking tired but not too bad. His immune system is poor and therefore he catches everything that is going. Otherwise he is in good form and looking forward to getting better results on his next visit.

In addition:

John Sutherland
John phoned to say that after suffering a couple of heart attacks at the end of last year he is going into Aberdeen on the 22nd Jan for a triple bypass. He is likely to be in hospital for a couple of weeks.
We wish him every success.
Thoughts are with you all.
Yours aye,



Highlanders Newsletter 2015

Dear All
Happy New Year.
I have now completed my annual job as ‘Editor’ of the Highlanders Newsletter 2015, please see below for link;
The Highlander is online at in it’s various versions.
HMS Sutherland was on Operations and unable to communicate via normal means whilst the Newsletter was

being compiled so I attach their Winter Newsletter above by way of explaining what a busy year they have had.
I would ask you to pass the link to the Highlanders Newsletter 2015 on to anyone you think might be

interested in what the Regimental Family has been up to over the last 12 months.
Kind regards and happy reading, viewing.
Maurice Gibson

 Edinburgh Branch Newsletter- January 2016

A very happy New Year to one and all.
The latest edition of the Edinburgh Branch Newsletter gives details of our forthcoming Amalgamation Dinner on the 6th February 2016. Visitor from other Branches are more than welcome to attend but please remember to book your accommodation now as it is also the week-end when Scotland play England at Murrayfield.

Happy reading.
George Givens
Edinburgh Branch


A Very Happy 2016 to You All

My message to you all for 2016 is if you are not already a member of any of our association branches then this may be the year to join and give them you support.
Seoras McIntosh  CFGB


Happy New Year to you all and I hope it brings all you wish for.  As we start 2016  and as we remember absent friends we can look forward to the Gathering in June as well as the other planned events.  To assist with planning can I ask you, if you have not done so to get your Gathering Application Form  completed and submitted soonest. 

Yours aye,

Latest News for December2015



Look no further! What about booking a cheeky weekend in the Capital of the Highlands in June next year? -   Come along and experience the joys of having many assorted insults thrown at you from scallywags you haven’t seen in donkey’s years!
The latest list of those attending the Gathering has been posted on
Have a shufti and check out who has already signed up – that way you will be able to prepare some good quality counter-insults!

At the last count there are 346 members of the Regimental Family signed up to the Gathering.
Remember, this is a ticketed event so you need to book yourself in via
George Givens
Gathering Committee




I was in visiting Charlie Anderson today in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (Ward 105).  Charlie unfortunately had to have one of his legs amputated but is in remarkably good spirits!  Mick (Dinger) Bell and Kenny Urquhart were there at the same time recounting former footballing glories!  Charlie will be in the RIE for at least the next two weeks and would appreciate visitors if anyone is in the area
George Givens
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Charlie Liddle

I saw Charlie Liddle earlier in the week in the Infirmary at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. I gave him his generous annual Christmas present from the Association.
Charlie was in good form but he is very lame, he cannot now go out of the Infirmary on his own, and he has had his electric scooter taken off him. He reminded me that he was still the only Queens Own Highlander at the Royal Hospital. If anyone was interested in becoming an In Pensioner Charlie recommended the 4 day practice stay for which you get a return warrant to London.
He was very pleased that some of those that had gone to London for the Remembrance Sunday parade had found a moment to visit Charlie at the Royal Hospital.
However Charlie would welcome a Christmas card from any of his regimental friends and his address is:
In Pensioner Charlie Liddle
The Infirmary
Royal Hospital Chelsea
London SW3 4SR

So please when doing your cards this year drop Charlie Season's Greetings.

Peter Grant Peterkin

 Photo sent in by Mike McIntosh


Photo I came across of the Signal Platoon in Osnabruck 1966.


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Hospital Visit

Sandy Finnie has moved from Raigmore Hospital to Nairn Hospital.
Visitors welcome.

Nairn Town & County Hospital
Cawdor Road
IV12 5EE
Bob Towns


Sandy Finnie
Just been to visit.  Confined to bed but looking a lot better than the last time I saw him.  Still capable of telling it as it is!  Eddie Wallace visted yesterday.  Thistle Ward, Nairn Hospital, Visiting times 1400-1630 & 1800 - 2000.


Vernon Nicoll
Called in to see Vernon Nicoll at home.  Looking good despite his immune system being down.
Get well soon guys.  CFGB
Yours aye,

The Gulf War Memorial 27th/29th Feb


Dear all.

I have extended the time untill tomorrow morning to give you a chance to put your name down for this trip.

More details on the trip below under the same heading.

If you wish to put your name down please email me on:-
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Inverness memorial is first and foremost a memorial to the Regiment and was initially to be in the form of a life size bronze of three figures, a piper, a figure in NI uniform and a figure in the uniform worn for the First Gulf War in 1991. The sculpture will be done in Edinburgh by Alan Herriot who has completed figures of pipers or soldiers on the North Inch in Perth, at the House of Bruar and for the Black Watch in Belgium. The bronze will be cast by Farquhar Ogilvie-Laing from Black Isle Bronze in Nairn. Costs are estimated at:

To read more go to one of the links below.
Bob Towns

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Latest News for November2015



Dear All,

With the kind permission of the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Black Watch, 3 SCOTS the Amalgamation Dinner, will again be held in the Sergeants’ Mess at Fort George.
The dress is Suit or Kilt/Trews.
To read more please go to one of the links below.
Bob Towns

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The Gulf War Memorial

Dear All,

The Gulf War Memorial is to be unveiled on 28th Feb 16.  Dave Chapman has kindly agreed to look after the families of the fallen. The Association will provide a coach starting at Inverness, via Edinburgh and Glasgow and Carlisle to Burton –on-Trent on 27th Feb returning on 29th Feb. The Association will make a block booking at a Premier Inn once numbers are known and individuals will then be asked to repay the Association.
Prices is around £117.00 per double room for two nights, Breakfast £12.00 each

Please can your members let Tosh and I know if they wish to attend by Monday 30th November 15.
Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or Phone 01343 549550 (Evening Only)

The short notice is regretted but we need to ensure a good price for the Association for the available beds.
Association Secretary
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Museum News

This Sunday 29th we are running a family activity day. Tickets are free if you download them from Historic Scotland’s website

Activities include:

Kids crafts – make your own shield and medal

Living History presentations

Access to the archives

The museum is open from 10am – 4pm and activities will be taking place all day.

NTS Culloden are also holding a free day for those with a local post code and they will have activities on too.
Lynsey Easton




The Gathering Committee met today and amongst other things discussed: entertainment for the ceilidh; selection of the contractors for the catering, the bar facilities, and the PA system; coach hire to take people to and from the museum; advertising posters; publicity; and troops needed for various tasks.

It was decided that the cut-off date for applications to attend the Gathering will be the 9th May 2016 – this is to give the committee time to feed in the final numbers to the catering contractors and bus company, as well as allowing time for the tickets to be posted out, name badges manufactured etc etc. So if you haven’t already done so, please go to and sign up to the Gathering as soon as possible (as of today there are 317 people on the attendance list).

There are plenty of B&Bs and hotels in Inverness but I thought I would check out the two nearest to Cameron Barracks – as of today there are still rooms available in the Premier Inn and Chieftain Hotel – both in Milburn Road, close to Cameron Barracks.
George Givens

Vote for Erskin Hospital Appeal


Dear all,
I was wondering if I could spare a few seconds of your time vote for Erskine.  We have been nominated for Davidson Chemist’s Charity of the Year 2016.  They have 30 pharmacies throughout Scotland and raised over £10,000 for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance this year so it would be a fantastic partnership to secure.

 If you could click on the link below and vote for Erskine that would be a great help.  Please feel free to share with friends or colleagues by email or on social media.  Also, if you have more than one device with internet access, you can have multiple votes.

 Many thanks,

Michael Parks

Community Fundraiser-North of Scotland
Bishopton, Refrewshire




Received this from Elaine earlier today.


Col. Bob, I wonder if you could pass on my thanks to everyone who attended Ronnie's funeral yesterday. I couldn't believe how many Queens Own Highlanders were there. I did try to speak to as many as I could but I don't think everyone went to the tea. Special thanks to the piper, Ronnie would have loved the music and to the Bearer party. I still can't believe that Woody and Linda came all that distance, and as for Chalkie, he was a true friend to Ronnie. Thanks also to Dave Chapman for the tribute, he did Ronnie proud.
Finally can I thank everyone for all the cards and messages I have received, They have made this difficult time a bit more bearable.
Kind regards


Yours aye,

       Strathclyde Branch


Thanks to RSM Main 6 Scots we have secured the use of the Mess at Hotspur Street, Maryhill for two functions per annum. 1st will be a Dinner Dance (Amalgamation) on 6th February 2016. Meeting up in the Mess on Tuesday 8th December to hopefully put together a Social Committee or similar to help organise some events for the following year. You are all welcome to come along on Tuesday 8th Dec to get things organised. Please let me know if you wish to attend. Collar and tie required for these nights.
George Monaghan



Please find the attached newsletter which gives details of what was discussed at our recent Branch AGM and news about the forthcoming Christmas Dance. Happy reading.
George Givens
Edinburgh Branch

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  The Cenotaph Parade London 2015   

After the success and publicity of our first presence at the Cenotaph Parade in London in 2014, there was a huge interest within the Regiment to capitalise on this and so when the call went out to march again this year, the response was magnificent.
To read more please go to the link below



Photos up on the Photo Page



Notwithstanding the real reason for folk getting together at various locations during the last week-end, I am sure many of you would have really enjoyed meeting up with old comrades to swap war stories and enjoy a wee swally?  Now imagine that with a thousand plus members of our Regimental Family at the Gathering next year?!

If you haven’t already done so, why not sign up now? All you have to do is log into where you will see the latest list of the 299 folk who have committed to the week-end so far (names in red are those who have joined the list since our last update). If you delve deeper you will also find the sign up forms – and if you know of anyone who is not on the list and may be a bit computer-phobic why not give them a ring – you can always print a copy of the sign-up form for them or have one sent to them by RHQ
George Givens
Gathering Committee

       Remembrance Day in Elgin

Barry doing a great job laying the Queen’s Own Highlanders wreath for the Moray Loon’s with a little help from my Granddaughter 7 year old Naomi McIntosh

Seoras McIntosh

Click to enlarge

rem115 rem215
rem315  rem415

Garden of Remembrance in Princes Street Gardens

Some photos attached showing the Opening of the Garden of Remembrance in Princes Street Gardens-Monday 2nd November 201.
George Givens


       Museum Newsletter November 2015


Please find attached the November 2015 Newsletter for your delectation.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.
Kind Regards
John Bailey MBE


Moray Loons

I would just like to thank all who attended the Moray Loons' night oot on Friday. I felt the night was enjoyed by all who attended.
A special thanks goes out to our Pipers P/M Richard Anderson, Jack McGowan, and David Grant who did a great job. Richards rendering of Sands of Kuwait   was 2nd to none.

 Also I have to thank Irene and her staff of the Seaforth Club who looked after us all very well.
Photos now up


Next year there will be a couple of changes.

First everyone will pay at the door, this will save those of you who in the past paid by cheques, the bother of postage.
Of course I will still require you to contact me by email or by phone to let me know that you are attending to allow me to advise the Seaforth Club of numbers for the catering.
Secondly Irene's food on offer next year will be stovies and curry.

Moray Loons Remembrance Sunday


We will be forming up at 10-30am beside Elgin Museum and marching to St Giles Church where we will lay the Queens Own Highlanders wreath.

All are welcome to attend.

After the parade The Seaforth club has issued an invitation to gather there for soup and sandwiches.





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