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Julian Anderson Saturday, 18 February 2017 09:07



I am organising a 30year reunion from our Sandhusrt SMC871 intake and our Pl Comd was Alastair Campbell (May have mispelt his name).

Am hoping that you can hunt him down and send me his details or fwd mine onto him...

Thanks for your help.


Patrick Gillespie       Tuesday, 31 January 2017 16:33


Okay Tam old friend, just for you it will be small rants, Ha! Ha!

Pat G.BJu7V

Tam Balloch       Saturday, 28 January 2017 09:00


For Pat, G make it small RANTS Pat.

Yours aye


Patrick Gillespie Friday January 27th 2017 18.5


Glad to see the guest-book back up well done Tosh. Now I can start rantin' and ravin' again.

Pat G.

Seoras McIntosh Friday January 27th 2017 10.18



Photo ot the last recruits that passed out as Q O Hldrs.

Is this what you are looking for?
Seoras McIntosh
Click to enlarge photo
The Queens Own Highlanders 19942

Alexander Wallace Friday January 27th 2017 08.20


Glad to see this page back up and running again.



Iain Macdonald Friday January 27th 2017 08.16


Who is the last serving OR from the QO HLDRS?

Iain Macdonald

Richard Gillanders Wednesday January 25th 2017 16.38


I was so sorry to read the obituary for Lt. Col. David J. S. Murray.

I served in the QOCH at the Inverness depot when he was in charge.

I respected him as a commanding officer who was very good with those who served in the depot. You new where you stood with him and always got a good hearing.

Though a sad reading his memories brought a smile to me.     Those memories go back to 1957-9.
Richard Gillanders

Colin Hughes Thursday January 19th 2017 08.44


What a sad week it has been with so many leaving us to join the 2nd Battalion.

I remember Lloyd Burt very well as he was in my platoon, Caen Platoon` in Gordon Barracks in 1965. Geordie Anderson ( RIP) was our Platoon Sgt and Nick Ridley ( Plt Cdr) . RIP;

Seoras McIntosh Thursday January 19th 2017 08.44


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