Pullover Will Travel

George Givens has come up with a brilliant idea of photographs of people wearing their Association pullovers in unusual or far flung places of the globe.
He is putting up a bottle of Malt Whisky for the winner.
You can send your photo into cabarfeidh.com by filling in the information and uploading your image in the Contact Page and then send it to me.

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Bob Munro


Here's a photo of Bob on our cruise, taken in Toper, Slovenia wearing rgtl jumper.


       Colin Hughes

Colin at LopezVillage, Tagum del Norte, Island of Mindanao , Philippines with partner ekrszShirley Lopez Estoque.


ColinHughes ColinHughes2

Samal Island Davao del Norte Philppines

Terry Bashford


Terry Bashford at Auschwitz
Only had the tee shirt, it was to warm for the pullover, Work never made me free


Photograph taken at the 1944 Museum in Bayeux


Terry at the Ranger Memorial, Fort Benning, Georgia, USA



John Westwood


John with his jumper in Gibraltar and a new recruit? Back after 37 years




John at the Nou Camp Barcelona.

john1 john2


John at Mont Blanc. 18 weeks into our year long trip.

JohnWestwood1 JohnWestwood2 JohnWestwood3 JohnWestwood4

Monte Carlo or bust? And Hector on the red carpet at Cannes.

JohnWestwood8    JohnWestwood9  JohnWestwood10


John paying a visit to the French foreign legion at Aubagne. Locker inspection by Hector- Avez-vous fer avec une gamelle?

JohnWestwood11  JohnWestwood12

Bob & Sheddie

 Bob and Sheddie at Gleneagles



 Donnie Kelly

Donnie shows off his New Pullover in WeatherSpoons, George Sq, Glasgow


Matthew Moistner

I see that you have a new "jumpers will travel" page.
Attached are a couple of photos of me wearing my newly received jumper from Bob Towns on Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic where I have been living for the past seven years.

MatthewMoistner1 MatthewMoistner2

 George Givens

"George Givens and Grandaughter with "Tam the Gun" at Edinburgh Castle's One O Clock Gun"


Duncan MacCallum Jan2015

Photo 1 - Duncan MacCallum, the Senior Guide at Edinburgh Castle seen next to the Queen's Own Highlanders plaque in the Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle
Photo 2 - "Whiskers" standing next to the fireplace in his house! (really the Laich Hall, Edinburgh Castle)
George Givens

DuncanMacCallum  DuncanMacCallum2 

Danny Carruthers

"Danny Carruthers at Dubai Creek in the Gulf - seen after running away from a bloke asking him to square up Johnny Dunnion's Charwallah bill from 1969!!"


DannyCarruthersgulf1 DannyCarruthersgulf2

"Danny Carruthers in Singapore wearing an Association pullover and pair of trousers from the local 24 hour tailor's shop!"


Danny Carruthers taking Sydney by Storm and showing Hector off to the Aussies

danny1 danny2 danny3 danny4

"Danny showing Hector off to the Kiwis.  The City of Auckland can be seen in the background"


Hawii 50:  Honolulu PD get their man


 One of the Beverly Hillbillies



"Who'd ever have thought it - Danny Carruthers on the wrong side of the bars!"


"Guess Where Danny is Today?"


"Danny in Belfast at the Titanic Exhibition"


Maurice Stirling Jan2015

Photo is of Maurice Stirling who currently lives in sunny Malta, modelling his new Association pullover (he denies he was sucking in his stomach at the time the photo was taken!)
George Givens

Bobby Munro Jan2015

An unusual place for Bobby Munro that is!  A reading room at Edinburgh University!  Nah, just kidding, it's the bar of the Students Union!
George Givens