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Can I request that you send in no more than 50 photos of any one event to cut down on my webspace

Photos 2018

Margaret Munro- Remembrance Parades in Edinburgh – November 2018

Photos sent in by Margaret


Remembrance Parades in Edinburgh – November 2018

On the 11th November the Branch members yet again stepped up to the mark and turned out in large numbers.  The service outside the City chambers to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War was particularly poignant.  The three wreaths were laid by George Givens (Queen's Own Highlanders), Ritchie Turner (Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders), and Bobby Munro (Seaforth Highlanders).

Following the church service in St Giles Cathedral a people's procession made their way up to the Scottish National War Memorial at the top of Edinburgh Castle to remember that day 100 years ago when the Armistice was declared.  Again wreaths were laid by Jim Elliot for the Queen's Own Highlanders, Ritchie Turner, for the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, and Duncan MacCallum for the Seaforth Highlanders. 

Leith Ex-Servicemen’s Club was absolutely bouncing after the parades as many of our members and other veterans crowded in for refreshments, banter, and music.   

Attached are photographs of some of our members forming up on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle and one in the club afterwards - with young Norman Gillies, son of Alasdair Gillies
George Givens
Edinburgh Branch

The Moray Loons Night Oot

A good night was had by all.
Photos courtesy of Seoras McIntosh

 Garden of Remembrance in Edinburgh

Good afternoon Seoras,

 These photos were taken  on Monday at the Opening of the Garden of Remembrance in Edinburgh, and we'd be very grateful if you would  put them on the Rgt website.  Unfortunately due to the shadows & the problems I'm having with my eye sight they're not the best.  The 2 ladies in the group photo are the late Drum Major Wattie Grant's wife & daughter.

Margaret Munro

AFD parade in Edinburgh

We'd be very grateful if you could put these photos on the regimental website for us.
I think I speak for many when I say it was the best ever AFD parade in Edinburgh. Massive turn out, march along George St rather than the "back streets" Stalls, entertainment & free beer for the troops in St Andrews Square Gardens AND the sun shining.
Many thanks,
Margaret & Bob

 Highland Branch Sunday Lunch 2018 Photos and Report from Bob Towns




Meteren Visit 2018

Photos take while I was out on my visit to Meteren France as a guest of the Flanders Jocks to remember the Battle of Meteren in which the Seaforth Highlanders took part in.
Seoras McIntosh

Photos of the Unavailing of Queen’s Own Highlanders Statue at the National Memorial Arboretum 16th June 2018
Seoras McIntosh




christmas Lunch 2017

Another great lunch meeting held at the Mosset Hotel Forres. The only two missing from the photo because they had to leave early are Peter and Frances Finlayson and Hamish and Ann MacPherson

Xmas Lunch20172Xmas Lunch20173


Seaforth Dinner Photos 2018

The Seaforth dinner was held in the Legion Bar Dingwall and I would like to thank the staff for giving us a great service, I would also like to give a big thanks to everyone that attended traveling from far and wide which helped make the evening the success that it was.

Photos by Roddy Lightbody.

Bob Shanks


My Last Duty for The Moray Loon’s

I was very proud indeed to carry out my last duty for the Moray Loon’s by laying the wreath at the Elgin War Memorial.
Photos by Ruth McIntosh

Seoras McIntosh

 Cenotaph 2017

Photos sent in by Glen Lawson

Thank you Glen


Moray Loons 2017 Night Out Photos

Moray Lonns night out held in the Seaforth Club Elgin
Photos by Seoras McIntosh

 Charlie Liddle's Ashes at Hibernian Football Club

Members of the Regimental Family who attended the scattering of Charlie Liddle's Ashes at Hibernian Football Club, in Edinburgh on 10th November.
Sent in by Margaret Munro


Photos From Ruth

Taken on our Battlefield trip 24th to 29th Sep 2017


 Garden of Remembrance Edinburgh 2017

Photos sent in by Margaret Munro




Battlefields Trip 2017

Just some of the photos that I took on the Battlefields Trip Sep 2017
Seoras McI

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Edinburgh Branch Committee Meeting 19/08/2017 Photo

Photo was taken by Bob Munro and sent in by Margaret.
Click to enlarge

 Photos Bob Munro took on the Battlefield Trip 2017

Thank you Bob

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Association Pipes and Drums BBQ

Dear Seoras
I attach some photos taken yesterday
at the Association Pipes
and Drums BBQ held at the Redcliffe Hotel
in Inverness,
attended bymembers of the Band and their partners.

During the event Colin Gilmour presented band medals to
those who had have given loyal service and commitment to the band.

Kind regards
Alec Rose

 Thomas McIvorThe Morning After

Seoras i been going through my photos so i'll send you some to see what you think about them



A Day with Punchie

After leaveing Elgin at 06.00hr Ronnie Sinclair and I drove to Westwill to meet up with Podge Fraser then set off to meet up with Punchie MacDonald at The Battle of Bannochburn Field.

After that we set of to have lunch in a nice pub in a nice little pub near the Castle. I can assure you that there was a lot of reminiscing going on but a great day had by all
Thank you Punchie for looking after us

 Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh on 4th July 2017

" Lovely to see so many QOHldrs & Alex Love's wife at the Queen's Garden Party at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh on 4th July. We were nominated to attend, Bob for his involvement with Veterans and myself for my Tablet sales, raising over £6,000 for Forces Charities in 3 years.  The photo of the Queen & Prince Phillip was not taken by us".
Maraget Munro

Service at the Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh

 Three of  photos for website, taken yesterday when George Givens, Ritchie Turner, Cliff Purvis, Hazel & Murd Macleod & Bobby attended a Service at the Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh. 

Margaret Munro

                HIGHLAND BRANCH CURRY LUNCH   2017

Held in the Nairn Legion on Sunday2nd July 2017.
Excellent lunch prepared by Chef Duncan Shearer and served by Legion Staff and Members. Great atmosphere, great company and first class Pipes from Assocation PM John MacDonald and the Association Pipes and Drums. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Your support is truly appreciated.
Elgin table + Terry last to leave! CFGB
Yours aye,


AFD Parade in Edinburgh 2017

Attaching photos of AFD in Edinburgh yesterday24/06/2017, which I hope you'll put on the web site..   Having said that it was very much cut back with no serving troops on parade.
With Regards
Margaret Munro

 Edinburgh Branch Summer Dance 2017 Photos

Tosh, here are some photos taken at the Edinburgh Dance last night.  I think it's a shame people seem to post every thing on Face Book now and not put it on your web site.  A sign of the times I suppose, but not everyone is on FB.






More photos sent in by Kenny Read

 Southern Branch Dinner 2017

The photos was sent in by Margaret Munro.
It looks like they are having a great time.

 Photos from Margaret Munro 12/06/2017

Photos, taken over the past few weeks,

First 3 were taken at the Scottish / American Alliance in Princes St Gardens on 29th May.  

Next 4 were taken on 31st May, when Anne Blair, Ronnie Simpson & Bob were at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle on the 90th Anniversary.  D/M Nairne & Reid (ex Mill Band) are Castle Guides.

 The last photo is Jim Elliot, Bob, Dusty Miller & big McIntosh attending Davy Chalmers funeral today.
Margaret Munro


 Photos 2016

Berlin Photos

Glen Lawson sent me in these photos taken in Berlin 1966/68
Thank you Glen


2016 Gathering Photo Link

Click photo to enter



Highland Branch Amalgamation Dinner 10th Feb2017

Highland Branch Amalgamation Dinner Photos taken at the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess Fort George.

The two Guest Speakers for the night was
Dougie Rankin Vice President Sales Europe CommScope

Fraser Mackenzie Managing Director Future Communications (Scotland) Ltd

Photos by
Seoras McIntosh

Edinburgh Branch Remembrance Photos 2016

Photos sent in by Margaret Munro


 Photos from Glen Lawson

Glen sends in photos taken in South Armagh







And his photos taken at the Cenotaph this year



Moray Loons 2016

As you can see all seems to be having a good time
Regards, Seoras McIntosh


Elgin Remembers 2016

Chalky Whyte lays a wreath on behalf of the Korean Veterans as the original chap took ill, David Terron laid the Moray Loons Wreath



Photos sent in by Margaret Munro

Thank you Margaret.




The first of the official Remembrance Parades in Edinburgh kicked off today (31/10/2016) with a good turnout out of blue hackles.  Attached are some scenes of the day.  If you look closely at the group of Legion Standard Bearers you will notice Eddie Maley slap bang in the middle with the Edinburgh Branch Standard!
George Givens



The photos taken at the Gulf War Memorial by
Margaret Munro


Eddie Maley's daughter, Kelly, has sent me a few photos of her dad at ANZAC Day Parade in Perth, Western Australia.  He was keen to let folk know that the 6th photo was of the 16th Battalion, The Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia.  He was less keen for her to send photos of him when he got home later that evening! 
Well done Eddie on representing the Regiment on ANZAC Day in the Southern Hemisphere





A Good night was had by all, photos by
Seoras McIntosh

PHOTO BY David Chapman
Click to Enlarge

Photos taken taken by Seoras McIntosh at the Gulf War Memorial are now up for you to view.







The Gulf War Memorial Order of Service


Photos sent in by George Givens


Photos 2015

Edinburgh Branch Christmas Dance 2015


Thank you Margaret for sending in the photos

Edinburgh Branch Amalgamation Dinner 2015

Thank you Jim Elliot for sending in the Photos.








Thank you Margaret Munro for sending in your photos also.

Glen Lawson Cenotaph Parade, London 2015

Photos sent in by Glen

John Westwood

Photos of John on the Remembrance parade in Gib. Her Excellency Governor Alison McMillan and the dignitaries were all drawn to the kilt! A great day followed by lunch in the Gibraltar mess.

The Cenotaph Parade, London 2015
Photos sent in by
Giles Nevill

       Highland Military Tattoo 2015

Photos sent in by Giles

Edinburgh Branch Remembrance Sunday 2015

Edinburgh Branch Remembrance Sunday parade photos sent in by
Margaret Munro


      Wojtek's Statue is unveild in Princess St Grdens

On Saturday 7th Nov, a statue was unveiled in Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh,  of Wojtek the shell carrying, beer drinking, cigarette smoking Bear, who came to Scotland with the Polish Army and ended his days in Edinburgh Zoo.

If you wish to read more about Wojtek go to link below
Margaret Munro

Moray Loons 2015


If anyone has photos of the night please send them to me.


Garden of Remembrance

Photos I took at the opening of the Garden of Remembrance, in Princes Street Gardens. 

Margaret Munro 


                                Margaret Munro

Attaching some of the photos taken yesterday in Dundee at The Commemoration of the Battle of Loos.

The Queens Own Highlanders Regimental Association

Trip to Loos 8th – 11th October 2015

On this trip we took part in a wreath laying ceremony at Auchy-Les-Mines on the Friday and a visit to an Exhibition of The Great War. A March through the same village on the Saturday to a wreath laying ceremony along with a contingent of 3 SCOTS including their CO and Pipes and Drums and members of their Association. Also taking part was a French re-enactment group which Bob Towns inspected much to their delight.
The group also visited the following cemeteries;
Dud Corner and Loos Memorial, Quarry Cemetery, Ville De Noeux- Les Mines, Railway Dugouts and Tyne Cot which will be covered by photos at a later date.

Photos taken on Thursday







 Photos taken on Friday







Photos taken on Saturday









Victory over Japan reception & in Pub 

Here are the photos I took on Saturday at the Council Reception and in a pub.
Margaret Munro


       James Hedley

James sends in photos taken at the Loose parade at Dundee.



Armed Forces Day Inverness

These three photos have been sent in by Kelvin Hunter
Thank you Kelvin
Click on image to enlarge

 afdinver1 afdinver2  afdinver3 


 Blast From The Past

Photos of Alan Fairbairn (fairie), Archie Mackinnon, Franck Scott, and me Thomas McIvor (Tam).
We all took leave in Osnaburck and went to a Holladay Camp just outside Venice on May 1966.
Tam McIvor




Sent in by George Givens.
Thank you George

       Edinburgh Branch Summer Dance 2015
Photos sent in by George Givens






Photos sent in by Eileen Carruthers

Thomas McIvor Photos

Thomas sent in photos of:-
Osnabruck Sports Day and Berlin

AFD Edinburgh Branch 2015

Margaret Munro kindly sent in these photos.
Thanks Margaret.

Peter Johnstone

The Peter Johnstone Memorial Garden Photos sent in by
George Givens



 Glen Photos

Good day at the Office


The bench presented by the QO HLDRS in 1983 was looking a wee bit worse for wear. With the help of Garnet Main from the Nairn Legion we removed it to the Legion cellar where I cleaned up the inscription plate and applied a couple of coats of wood stain. Now back in position looking onto the War Memorial.
Yours aye,




 Kelly Pugh Sends in Photos of her Dad


Hi Seoras,

I have sent you photos of my Dad Eddie Maley; my dad was invited to march with my father in law, who is a Vietnam veteran from the 7th Royal Australian Regiment.
However, a further offer was made, and that was that he could march with the British Airborne Division Contingent of the Paratroops Regiment.
He happily did so, and confirmed that it was a great day and that he is more than happy to experience it again next year.
He was the only Queens Own Highlander to march in Perth and he did so proudly and in his kilt.
Kind regards
Kelly Pugh, Eddie Maley's daughter




Weatherspoons In Glasgow

Photos of the gathering at Weatherspoons in George Square Glasgow on the 7th Of March.
As you can see a great time was had by all who attended thanks to Beth & David Little and Kenneth Mackay Reid.
Seoras McIntosh

 Southern Branch Dinner 2015

The Southern Branch Dinner photos sent in by
Glen Lawson.



Jimmy Chungs Chinese New Year Party 2015

Photos of us having a great time with excellant food and the crack was even better.
Suffice to say that one or two bottles of Red and White wine were consumed.
Seoras McIntosh

Thomas McIvor Photos

Great photos of the Anti-Tank Platoon sent in by Thomas.

I am sure these will bring back a few memories





Batch Two 02/03/2015

The Highlanders Branch Amalgamation Dinner


On Friday the 6th February 2015

The dinner was held in the Sgt Mess of the 3rd SCOTS at Fort George and as you will see by the photos an excellent night was had by all.
Seoras McIntosh

 Edinburgh Branch Amalgamation Dinner


On Friday the 7th February 2015

The first lot of photos are from Margaret Munro and another good night by the look of it.

The seconds lot of photos was sent in by Glen Lawson

Photos 2014


The Edinburgh Branch Xmas Dinner 2014

The Edinburgh branch enjoying their Christmas dinner dance, Photos by myself and Glen Lawson

George Givens

The Highland Branch Xmas Dinner 2014

The Highland branch enjoying their Christmas dinner dance, Photos by Seoras McIntosh