Grace by Rev Ivan Warwick & Dougie Shepherd



Queens Own Highlanders 50th


O Lord who always has been there to protect us through the years,

To share the joy of happy times; to console us through the tears.

Be with us as we gather now, as you have been in the past

In Singapore and Borneo, Brunei and West Belfast.

O help us to remember all our glorious deeds and true,

And most of all the friendship of companions old and new;

The characters; like Zombie, Magoo, and Clacher Todd,

And a procession of pious padres, who brought us close to God.

For 50 years is not so long in a Regimental plan.

But long enough to influence the life of boy and man.

Further amalgamations may have proved to Scotland’s gain,

But many here will always Queen’s Own Highlanders remain.

But times move on and now we have a generation new

Who in the Scottish Regiment still wear the hackle blue.

They are trained, and tried, and tested; worthy to a man

To carry forth our Colours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So bless us as we dine tonight, and grant another day,

To enable us to dine again -     the lads of Cabar Feidh.