Major Dougie Shepherd has submitted a list of regimental nicknames which he used and heard during his time in the Seaforth and


Queens Own Highlanders, 1956-1993.  It is by no means a definitive list and in fact refers mainly to Officers and SNCOs.

There are many other much more colourful “Jock” nicknames.  Here is a start for the “Jocks” and JNCOs:



I have been reminiscing (again) on the subject of Regimental nicknames. My latest recollections are shown below.

They are listed under the headings, Seaforth, Cameron, Queens Own Highlander or of Joint “parentage”.

Where you see (2) after a names it indicates that there are 2 possible answers. A few officers are included in the list.


Seaforth                                                                   QOHldrs

Shake (2) – one is very difficult                                 Barney Rubble

Penguin                                                                 Woofles

Casey                                                                   Podge

Daddy (Gibraltar vintage)                                          Plum

Moose                  (ditto)                                        Badger (2)

The Engine Driver    (1956)                                       Johnny fae Perth

Sadie (very difficult – think 1960ish)                           Fairy

                                                                           Soapy (2)

Cameron                                                               Pluto (2)

Smokey                                                                Jimmy the Jockey

Busty                                                                   Curly




Joint Parentage –

Seaforth/QOHldrs                                                   Camerons/QOHldrs

Big Dan                                                                 Snaggle Puss

Buffer                                                                   The Laird of Pulau Tekong

Atomic                                                                  The Tank

Sticky (2)                                                              Fat Rab

Pedro                                                                    Errol (2)

Daphne                                                                 The Blade

Slash                                                                    Jane


Miscellaneous – Not QOHldrs

Rocky   (1960ish)

Ollie       (1960/61 – What a star)

Jock the Sock (think H K)

You may have to be 70 plus to recognise not a few of them and may have to “phone a Seaforth or Cameron friend”. How many did you get? 35+ = Excellent, 30-35 = Very Good, less than 30 may be just too young!

Give me a nudge if you wish to identify some of the more obscure,                         DWS     

Puff and Pant                    Cpl Grant Domestic                                         Pioneers

Magoo                        The one and only Wattie

Riddell.                          Anti Tank

Buffer          Sanderson.  Musician, boxer, Anti-                    tank, all round rogue and good man.

The Tank         Cpl Donlevy.  Mortars, QMs, the                         bravest boxer I ever saw.

Steamy Reid.                        Piper QMs                                             and nice guy

Sauchie Hall.                  MT Singapore, brilliant                                       footballer.

Diesel McAllister.             Sadly now departed

As his CSM he was the only man that Maj Shepherd knew who had 4 aunts all die in the same year and all seemingly deserving of compasionate leave.  Bonny Bee.

Goody Goodwin.  One of the Glasgow Boys in         the Bonny Bee 1975.  Not the worst by any         matter of means

Penguin                               Lcpl Sanderson.                                             RPs long ago.

Johny fae Perth   Pretswell.  Bonny Bee 1975. Not the best soldier in the world. Not the worst.  Just a likeable wee man.

Sakai Moore.  MT.  Can’t remember how he                       came by this nickname.

Sakai was a derogetery name for primitive forest dwellers in Malaya, I went out for a few drinks with him in Berlin but scarperd very sharpish when he decided to have a pee into

the chimps' enclosure in Berlin Zoo!

(Richard Everill)

Skin Ross.  Not sure of the origin.  D Coy?

The Pirate                           Bennet (Pete).  A                                Coy.  Maj Cassels’ batman.

Oscar                                     Joe Murray.  A Coy Singapore.  Keeper of monkeys! He had a magnificent moustache which he along with Tam Fisher, the owner of an equally magnificent moustache shaved off prior to an ID parade one Monday morning in Singapore.  And they got away with it!!!

Clachar                                 Todd.  QMs.  The story goes that despite receiving a travel warrant on enlistment, he walked from Granton-on-Spey to the Depot.

Rab The Rat                        Wee Rab Henderson.  Chunkies.  Good wee Sodger.

The Knife                    Lcpl MacMillan. MI Room.

Sporko Sellars.  Singapore. Famous for ?  Put it this way he had to wear extra long PT pants.

Korean Ant                         Stewart 74.


Johnny ( the fly) Meechan

Rowdy Yates

Jaws Macleod

Maurice (Monkey) Stirling

Squeak Williamson

Bullets Waston

Dingus Ferguson

Woofles Moir

Tubes Lawson

Kelvin (Yonk) Hunter

John (Tito) Shewan

Norman (wee Robbie) Robertson

Joe (schwartz) Munro

Boggy McKinnon   Pioneers Berlin   

Ghost McLeod       B Coy Berlin 

Jungle Taylor    ? B Coy      

Who remembers Sailor (McAdie) at the Depot in 61, always      sat in the NAAFI with two pints.

Uggy (McGair) He's still out there in Fife. 

Batco - Piper Stewart from Gairloch 88-94

Skid or Ollie - PM Mike Gray

Zonk - D Coy 90's

Shiffty - PM Calum Mackenzie

Donga - PM DJ MacIntyre

Mothball - Piper Neil Matheson late 80's

Padre MacLean

Loppy........... Piper Lawrie P&D's

Podgie......... L/cpl Fraser (16) 'B' Company

Dodo............Pte MacKenzie 'B'Company

Pigs in Space - Cpl Dougie Fraser 06

Biscuits Maclean

Cody O'Neill

Clony McPhearron

Pedro Offrs Mess /HQ Coy CSM (Sharjah)

Officer nicknames which come to mind are as follows:

Big Dan                                 Lt Col MacHardy

Hoppy                                Maj Gen Hopkinson

Safety Razor                       Lt Col Fraser

String Vest                          Lt Col Nason

Nails                                      Lt Gen Lamb.                                     Very up to date this one.

Pete the Jeep            Maj Gen Grant Peterkin

Rubble                                  Lt Lewis

Jimmy the Jockey            Lt Col Murray

The Ghost                           His father.

Nut and Bolt                       Maj Holt

Snake                                    Maj Lorimer

Jerogie                                 Gen Mackenzie

Happy Kappy                     Capt Kaplowitch

Mucky                                  Maj MMC

Grimbo                                 Maj Grimes

Abdul                                    Maj MacNair

Jig a Boo                               Maj Houston

Noddie                                 Capt Harmsworth

Betty Boot                          Maj Martin

Timber                                  Maj Wood

Kit                                           Lt Col Carson

Chalky                                   Lt Col White

Circles                                   Lt Col Cumming

Bugs                                      Maj MacLaren


he Bull                               Maj MacLagan

Daddy                                   Lt Col Thoms

Trog                                       Maj Anderson

Chips                                     Maj Crowe.  Uttered very quietly and only in the confines of the Officers’ Mess by the braver of the subalterns. (Got it – Mike Crow = Micro = Microchips = Chips)

Additionally some officers were so prominent (even loved) that they were known only by their initials:

ID                                            Lt Col Cameron

DR                                          Brig Maclennan

WW                                       Lt Col Cheyne.                        Also known as Whisky Whisky.

Senior NCO nicknames which come to mind:

Fireside Fender                CSM Pender

Peter the Heater              CSM Finlayson

Wee Man                        CSgt Topping (Alan)

The King                         Sgt Urquhart

Betty                              CSgt Bethune

The Ped                          CSgt Peddie

Punchy                           CSM MacDonald

Biff                                  CSgt Vance

Turtle                               Sgt Love

Big Sneck        Sgt Munro (there were 2 of them,                           1xRPs 1xSigs Pl)

Daphne                             Sgt Kyle

Badger                              Sgt MacDonald 21

    Uncle Bob                    CSgtMalloch

Ma Baw/Bush/Boat           CSM Balloch

Pills                                 Sgt Watson (A Coy MT)

Hawaian Eye                     WO2 Neil

Chiefy                               WO2 Reid

Schimph                          CSM Mackenzie.                                         He’s still schimphing

Slink                                CSgt Ord (The elder)

VC                                   Sgt Rogers

Plum                                 Sgt Logan

Famto                               CSgt Mackenzie

The Baddy                        RSM Mahady.                                            Scared of nobody.

Dykes                  RSM Duffus.  Also scared of nobody.

And now for some real ancients:

Jake the Blade                   Sgt Lewis

Stoneface                           Sgt McLean (Osnabruck 61)

Speak                               CSM MacDonald (Singapore)

Tin Lid                               CSM Kidd (Osnabruck 62)

Twinkletoes                       CSM Graham (Singapore)

Peas and Barley                Lt Col Millar

Faith Hope and Charity  Sgt Garrity (Singapore)

Striker                                Maj Cosgrove

Nod                                    Sgt Hunter

Sneaky                               CSM Snell

Pedro                                  CSM MacDonald

The Bone                  CSM MacAllister.  One of                                   the very best.

Casey                           CSM Cobban.                                  Smartest on parade by far

Rice Brains                        CSM R B Wilson

Sweaty Feet                       CSM Peat

Kenny the Cough                Sgt McKinnon

The Bombay Busdriver       CSgt McKergo (MT)

Some more nicknames from memory, took about five minutes, amazing what comes out after a prompt. All from the 1960's, Singapore, Berlin, Osnabruck.

Mutton                            Jeff Smith                 Recce

Abcess/Septic                 Jimmy Boyle             D Coy

Matted Mike                   Mike Stewart Capt   Recce Pl

Biscuits                           Arbuthnot                 Rifle Coy

Blankets and Bedding      David Sneddon        Mil Band

Big Jim                            Cassels Capt

Raggy                              Adams                    A Coy

Shep                                D Shepherd            A coy

Ramrod                            Jake Lewis             A Coy

Morbid                             Montgomery          Int Section

Zombie                             Alec Mackay         Anti Tank Pl

Boot                                 David Chalmers      Recce

Dynamite                          Sandy Macmullin    Recce

Big Bopper                       Bert Munro            Recce

Smiler                               Albert Smith           MMG/Recce

The Hawk                         Rory Haugh Capt   Anti Tank Pl

Red (Robin)                      Robin Hunt  Capt   

Bullets                               Dusty Miller            Ammo Stores

Flip                                    Ian Kerr                 MMG/Recce

Pluto                                  Munro                    D Coy

Faither                               Fotheringham          A Coy

Errol                                  Cpl Flynn                MMG/Recce

That's all for now, may dredge up some more later. Did not put a lot of detail, those who knew them will know.

Pat Gillespie

Nickname 'Hey You'.

After an absence of far too many years, I found Dougie Shepherd's list of nicknames both amusing and nostalgic. In a year when I've only recently got back in touch (only to find that old friends and such legendary figures as Jocky and Dykes have left us), it was good to see that our blue mafia sense of humour lives on. I remember Jocky once saying to me, left hand on hip and the index finger of his right hand almost jabbing my eye out, "Listen Chuckie, we all love misery - and there's so much of it around!"

Nice to see that most eccentric of all eccentric officers, our Jebel-storming Major: "Bugs" McLaren , in the list. The "Korean Ant" and JFP was there and I see even Pete "The Pirate" made it (eat your heart out Gary Glitter).

However, there were a few nicknames missing that I would have expected to see: that elusive Glaswegian  "Cody" O'Neill for one. Also, the policer of Regimental Policemen and "Sneckie" Munro's right-hand man: Corporal "The Black" Christie, "Big Uggie" (MT Section), "Paddy" McGovern (you haven't seen a double-act 'til you've seen him and Schimpf Mackenzie together), "The Welt" (Bonnie B - can't remember his name but I do remember Colin Keil (then RSM) asking him if the appendage poking out beneath his shorts was on the Ration Books - (this was Tony Curran the Clerk (ED)), CSM Ronnie "Sinky" Sinclair (who when admonishing an idle soldier on the drill square, threatened to chain him to "Clacher" Todd for a week) and I can think of at least three "Suds" Sutherland.

Of course, there are many more. Under Dougie's list of officers who were known by their initials (as he says, they were so prominent, even loved) we mustn't forget DNA - Lt Col Blair.

Kind regards,

"Chuckie" (why did they start calling me Mick after I went into the Sergeant's Mess?) Bird

Here's a few, Lt Stewart -Matted Mike (went to SAS)

Lt GB Murray- Pibroch ( walked around playing a chanter)

Sgt MacDonald -Speedie -Mortars

Cpl Warr (HQ) -Atomic -Dining room Nco

Cpl MacKenzie -The Grey Wolf. Mortars

And last but not least myself

LCpl Alistair MacPherson -Aerial (due my uncanny ability to get through on the wireless when all else failed. 3inch Mortars SPT Coy and 16 Pln D Coy.1958- 1964. SEAFORTH& QOHLDRS.

              Ally MacPherson.99

Bucket Lip       Wille Kilpatrick   Signal Platoon

Dino                John McPhee     Signal Platoon

Danny Piddle    Danny Petrie     Signal Platoon

rgds Rab Torbet

Hi my name is Tom  Brown (Hovis 06)  How about these Guys, who had Nicknames, Ghost Macdonald, B/coy, and HQ. Pop Mckenzie  79, A/coy Jake two knives Mike Jacobs A/coy.1 platoon. Percy John Conlin A/coy 1/platoon .And how about me the one and only Hovis 06 A/coy.1/ platoon. and Winky A/coy 1/ platoon. and cpl. Mac the knife.A/coy 1/platoon

How about Zebo - Brown 77 QM's
Hi, my  second cousin Jim Logue was nicknamed 'Dougal' . He was in Osnabruck in 1971 when I was there. (Morag McAlister)

Harry " the horse" Munro . MT  D Rider


 "Soda"  Macdonald 49  MT 1960/66  3Ton


 "Geordak" J McCarthy  MT  3Ton 

DINGUS ,  after the film Dirty Dingus MaGee ??

 Pat Ferguson

Here's  a few for you Dave from the 70's

Chay the Crabbag     ( Charlie Harvey )   7 pl B coy... His mum did ask where he got the name from.

Clive Dunn                (Maclean 83   )      7pl B coy    Everybody's Granddad   

Doris                        (  Mulcahy  )         7 pl B coy   Everybody's sweetheart

Big Senga                 ( Eddie Maley)     7pl B coy      Company Bike 

Loads more but will leave it for now 

All the Best   Pete Wason


My dad Alexander Thompson was "Spud50". He served in the signal platoon!

Margaret Thompson

The following are some of the nicknames that I remember from my time in the regiment (Signals Pl), Some I cant remember the real names but maybe yourself or someone will remember them. Good idea of Dougie Shepherd, brings back fond memories of the regiment.

Signals Pl.

The Geek - Kenny Macgregor

Alky  Alkinson

Steps - Arthur stephens

Black John/Dino - John Mcphee

Maggot  Wilson

Spud/50 - Alex Thompson

Peem - Iain Thompson

Tosh  Macintosh

Dela - David Wares, killed at Warrenpoint

Chiefy Reid

Wee Willie Winkie

Chalky White

Bonny - Graham Bonnyman

Pagey - Wilson Paige

Craibie - Barry Craib

Frugal - Danny Morgan


B Coy

Taxi - Pte Hire

Puss - Albert Duffus

Jed - Ian Geddes

Steed Wilson

Ki Kiowski

Wee Eck Muir

Squeak Mackintosh

Titch Macdonald

SI - Simon Mackenzie



Big Snecky

Black Jake



Big Hendo

Slinky - Sammy Ord

Dinger Bell


Cluny Mcpherson



Hawaiian Eye




Baffers - Baff , MT


Big Dunky Forbes


Shug Topping


Mav Yarrick

Pop Mckenzie

Sent in by peem (Iain Thompson)

And if course not forgetting Dougie Shepherd himself who was known as COMPRIFI when running the PRI in the Falklands.

Re- Nicknames.
Bruno   Cpl Brown    Cpls Mess
Tom an Jerry           Brian Perry        Sig Pln
The Gonk                Andy Duncan     Sig Pln
Dusty                     Andy Miller        Sig Pln
 Frugal                   Danny Morgan     Sig Pln
Steps                              Stephens  Sig Pln
Zeb (as in Zeberdee) George Smith      Sig Pln
Scouse.  Riley
Scouse   Riley ( The Little One) Leo
Scouse   Murphy
Scouse   Gribbin
Scouse   Banks
Scouse   Larkin
Scouse   Jones
Scouse   Rothwell
Scouse   Payne
Scouse   Peers
Scouse   Allen
Scouse   Derbyshire
Scouse   Danunzio
                             and others I think. Oh yes, me, and somebody else.
I did know a lad called Jock,  but only one.
Bullets Miller, Ammo Storeman, Singapore
Hookey.  Jimmy Walker MID

From Ronnie Baybut

Good auld Geordie (the Claw) Anderson on taking over as UFO Could never say our names so he called us Chopsticks (LCpl Chlupuk) and Matchsticks (Sgt Brian Mat????? )even then I could never spell it

Ronnie C

Gilly Gilly Man, X Seaforth, Q.O.Hldres, 1955 to 1977 Drummer ,"D" Coy ,MT,Ant/Pl, Alister Mac Gillivray.

Slaps, Pipes & Drums 1St Queens own Cameron Hldrs , Q,O,Hldrs, 1959 & 1965, Frances Mc Lennion.

Alastair McGillivray

Here is some more,

Homer.         Ian Homes           1/Platoon. A/coy.

                            A good wee Glasgow Lad

Pedro.         Peter Macmurdo    1/Platoon. A/coy.

Nobby.             Clark                1/Platoon. A/coy.

Pluto .         Lt. D. Monro           1/Platoon. A/coy.

                     (  He was a very good officer.)

The Cpl.who was nicknamed  Mac the Knife was Ray Callahan, he was a good Pal and we liked a wee drink together, sorry he is not with us any more God Bless him.

Hooky .       James Walker.                       B/coy.

                         Mention In Despaches  


Chick -Mac         I think he was in D/coy ?. or B/coy?.

                               another  good chapy.

more to come hovis 06.

Zebo - Brown 77 QMs

"Fletch"  Fletcher  x Cameron  M. T.


"Chas"   Morison x  Seaforth M. T.


"Sam"   Bassett  x  Seaforth M. T.


"Jonah" Lcpl  Jones x Seaforth M. T.


Dixe  Deans .                                2 /platoon.           A/Coy.

                      He went to H.Q./Coy

Wee  Smudger .       James Smith  1/platoon .           A/coy.

               He could cause a row and a fight in a empty


Wee pipes Wattson.                     1/platoon.          A/Coy.


               He loved to watch and listen to the Battalion Pipe

               Band. he was a good wee Lad, and any one who

               knew him, Iam sorry to tell you he is not with us 

               any more. 


                 By for now hovis 06.


Myself  Puss Duffus

Yours Aye,

Not to be forgotten T LA B alias Tam Brockie,when visiting him in hospital he was dying from cancer,I would ask him how he was,terrible was his answer,put me in that wheelchair we'll go for a fag or two and I'll tell you all about it.Sadly missed.Eck Muir (47)