Regimental Pipe Tunes



March past in quick time                                                   Pibroch of Donuil Dubh

March past in slow time                                                     The grab of Old Gaul

The Charge                                                                         The Standard of the Braes of Mar


Reveille                                                                               Johnnie Cope

Breakfast                                                                           Brose and Butter

Marching off the guard                                                       MacDonald’s awa to the war

Dinner Pipes                                                                     Over the water to Charlie

Tea Pipes                                                                           Jenny’s bawbee

Retreat                                                                                   Dark lowers the night

First post                                                                               72nd Highlanders

Staff parade                                                                       Highland Laddie

Last post                                                                           Lochaber no more

Lights out                                                                              Sleep dearie sleep


A Company                                                                         The Dornoch Links

B Company                                                                           The Highland Brigade at Tel-el-Kebir

C Company                                                                         The Brown-haired maiden

D Company                                                                           The Bugle horn

S Company                                                                         The 51st Highland Division at Wadi


HQ Company                                                                           Over the Chindwin


Half hour to parade                                                               Up and waur them all Wullie

Quarter hour to parade                                                      Bundle and go

Assembly                                                                               The Blue Bonnets

Fall in                                                                                     Lads with the Kilts

Officers fall in                                                                       Mackenzie Highlanders

March on and off the Colours                                             Scotland the Brave

General Salute                                                                     The Point of War

Royal Salute                                                                           St Andrews Cross

Inspection Tunes                                                                     I love the Highlands, Isle of Heather,

                                                                                               Mist Covered Mountains, My Home.

March past in slow time                                                         The badge of Scotland

March past in quick time                                                       Pibroch of Donuil Dubh

Advance in review order                                                      The Blue Bonnets (3rd Part)

Dispersal from parade                                                           25th November 1960