Toast and Collect


Regimental Toast

Tir nam Beann, nan Gleann, s nan Gaisgeach:                       Land of hills, glens and heroes;

Far am faihhear an t-eun fionn,                                               Where the ptarmigan thrives,

‘S far am faigh am fiadh fasgadh,                                           And where the red dear finds shelter.

Cho fada ‘s chitear ceo mu bheann                                       As long as mist hangs over the mountains

‘S a ruitheas uisge le glean,                                                     And the water runs in the glens,

Mairidh cuimhne air euchd nan treun.                                 The deeds of the brave will be remembered.

Slainte agus buaidh gu brath                                                   Health and success for ever

Le Gillean Chabar Feidh                                                           To the lads of Cabar Feidh



Regimental Collect

Almighty God, whose Son Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to watch and pray, grant that we, The Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) mindful of the valiant deeds of those who have gone before us, may be ever watchful. And we pray that as one family, vowed to help our Sovereign against our nation's enemies, we may stand fast in loyalty and integrity, and so prove ourselves worthy of the trust committed to us, for his sake, the same Jesus Christ our Lord.